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Do you have an older car in the Chicago area you don't want? Are you trying to sell it but don't know how to find a buyer? At The Autobarn Subaru of Countryside, we know that selling your car can become a huge hassle and may even cause you to procrastinate or even avoid selling it. Our dealership wants it to be easy and stress-free to sell your car, and we will pay you cash without any requirement to buy a new car.

You don't have to spend time and money researching or placing ads. You won't need to answer phone calls and emails from seemingly interested buyers who request to test drive and end up changing their minds and decide not to buy. The paperwork involved with selling your car to a private buyer isn't necessary, either. We'll take care of everything!

It's Fast and Easy to Sell Your Car

You probably expect selling your older car to be tricky, but our team is dedicated to making it easier than you think. Selling your vehicle to us is simple, stress-free, and puts cash in your hands. Our dealership is ready to buy your car, and we'll even handle all of the filing and financial paperwork.

Without leaving your house, you can request an appraisal using our online form and may even discover that your car is worth more than you expected. We are a trusted Kelley Blue Book Buying Center, and Oak Lawn sellers know they can trust us to treat them fairly when selling their cars.

Sell Your Car in A Few Simple Steps

Our transparent buying process makes it easy for you to receive an accurate price and a quick payment. Our dealership is interested in all vehicle brands, makes, and models. We pride ourselves on offering a fair price to all sellers. Many people are getting incredible offers for their used cars, so if you're considering selling yours, now is the time to take us up on our offer.

  1. Submit an appraisal request using our online form to get a quick cash offer calculated from the latest Kelley Blue Book data. You'll be asked to provide the vehicle year, made, model, and trim, and any upgrades you added.
  2. If you decide to accept our offer to buy your car, visit our dealership in Countryside, IL, to finalize our offer. There's no appointment needed, and you are welcome any time during our regular business hours.
  3. An appraisal expert will inspect the condition of your car, verify the make, model, and trim, note the mileage, and any alterations and upgrades. We'll run a vehicle history report, and after a quick test drive, we'll provide you with our final no-obligation offer.
  4. When all the transaction details are complete, we'll write you a check while you wait. If you're thinking of buying a newer model, you'll have the option to use the value of the car you're selling as the down payment on the new one. It doesn't matter if you accept our cash offer or trade-up for something new. The amount of our offer will not change.

What to Bring When Selling Your Car to Our Dealership

For a smooth and quick transaction, collect the following paperwork associated with your car and other documentation, including:

  • The title for the vehicle or any loan paperwork (Titleholders are required to be present at the dealership upon completing the sale)
  • Your current vehicle registration to verify ownership
  • A valid driver's license to verify identity
  • All key fobs, remotes, manuals, and service records

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does the appraisal take? Most appraisals can be completed in as little as half an hour. Even if it takes longer, you can still get an offer on the same day.

  • Can I get a value for my car online? We invite you to use our Instant Cash Offer yool powered by Kelley Blue Book to get an estimated value. To receive an official offer, our on-site appraiser must verify the vehicle's condition in person.

  • When will I receive an offer? In most cases, we make an offer as soon as the appraisal is complete. If you accept, we'll cut you a check on the spot.

  • Do I need an appointment? We welcome you to call ahead of time, but an appointment isn't required to sell your car.

If you'd like more information about selling your car for cash, please contact The Autobarn Subaru of Countryside today. It will be our pleasure to assist you.

Get more information about selling your car to The Autobarn Subaru of Countryside by calling or vising our dealership and speaking to an appraisal expert. We look forward to working with you.

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