You love your Subaru Outback like many other drivers around Chicago drivers for its reliable, safe, and long-lasting performance. While the Subaru Outback is built for a long road full of adventures, you will need to make sure you stay on top of maintenance to keep your Outback running like new for many miles to come.

There is a lot of different moving parts to your Subaru Outback that work together to deliver spirited, efficient, and capable performance no matter where the road may go. But to ensure that your Outback gets you where you need to be safely regular visits to our service center are needed. Your Subaru will need some service more frequently than others, like oil changes and tire rotations. Both services are recommended for roughly every 6-8,000 miles. Regular oil changes keep the moving components of your engine clean and moving without friction. Which could eventually lead to the parts heating up, warping, and seizing. Rotating your tires will not only extend the life of your tires by ensuring even tread wear, but it will also maintain maximum contact with the road for safe and reliable performance.

Other important services that your Subaru will need from time to time are brake pad and rotor replacements, alignment, battery replacement, and light replacements. Subaru also makes it easy for Bensenville drivers to stay on top of their Outback's service with maintenance look-up. Simply enter your Outback's information to get a recommended service plan created by Subaru engineers and technicians for ideal performance. Give our service center a call today to get your Subaru Outback in for service today. You can also swing by our Express Service Lane for minor service needs like inspections, oil changes, and tire rotations. Or if you are among the drivers around Naperville who enjoy doing the dirty work themselves be sure to take advantage of our monthly service clinics.

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