Subaru loves pets--and so does the team at Autobarn Subaru of Countryside.

We're excited to announce this year's local Subaru Loves Pets event. This will be a dog friendly, family friendly party held at our Subaru dealership near Naperville in the greater Chicago area.


When, Where, and What?

It all happens on Saturday, October 20th, at 6191 Joliet Road in Countryside, IL. The event kicks off at 10:00AM and goes until 2:00PM.

Weather permitting, this will be an indoor and an outdoor event, but we are able to accommodate everything in our showroom if the weather doesn't cooperate. We'll be offering:

  • Free food
  • Photo opportunities for owners and their pets
  • Complimentary custom engraved pet ID tags
  • Subaru-branded give-away items--you could win!
  • Pet Therapy teams for meet and greet/photo ops
  • An Ask-a-Vet table where pet owners can speak with a local Veterinarian (subject to availability of local vets)

This event is free and open to dogs and their families from all over the Bensenville and Oak Lawn areas. We look forward to seeing you, and to meeting your furry friend!


Subaru Loves the Hinsdale Humane Society!

This year, we are partnering with the Hinsdale Humane Society for our Subaru Loves Pets event. They will be helping us out by providing great resources and information. You can meet shelter staff and a few of their local volunteers.

Did you know that volunteering is an amazing way to help local pet shelters, even if you can't foster or donate? Consider signing up to volunteer with the Hinsdale Humane Society to help make a difference in the greater Chicago rescue community.


Important Information for Dog Owners

We'd love for you to bring along your dog to this great event. Here are some tips for success:

  • BYO poop bags
  • Bring a 4-ft or 6-ft leash--retractable leashes can be tricky or even dangerous at big, exciting events like these!
  • Bring lots of yummy treats for your dog
  • ALWAYS ask before petting someone else's dog, or before letting your dog go up to another canine friend
  • Remind children to be respectful of dogs' personal space, and always ask an owner before going up to any dog
  • If you're not sure if your dog will have a good time at a busy, bustling event like this, it's ok to leave them home--you can bring them lots of presents and good smells!

Click Here for Our Event Page


See our event page for more information, or to ask questions or make a suggestion. Be sure to mark your calendar for this Sunday at 10:00AM, at The Autobarn Subaru of Countryside.

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